Alerts: Jun 21, 2021
Effective Monday, June 7, 2021, the MSD of Lawrence Township is closing the LECC-based Welcome Center in favor of a more invitational, school-based approach to enrollment. VIEW DETAILS

Staff Directory

Office Staff

Principal - Jered Pennington (Contact Jered Pennington)
Assistant Principal - Kimberly Osborn (Contact Kimberly Osborn)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Gina Frisk (Contact Gina Frisk)
Registrar/Administrative Assistant - Pam Switzer (Contact Pam Switzer)
Nurse - Linda Bailey (Contact Linda Bailey)
Cafeteria Manager - Kathryn Sorrels (Contact Kathryn Sorrels)
Head Custodian - Paul Clemons (Contact Paul Clemons)
Custodian - Yolanda Franklin (Contact Yolanda Franklin)
Custodian - Pam McClain (Contact Pam McClain)

Special Areas

Discovery - Karen Kellerman (Contact Karen Kellerman)
Art - Jeremy Mallov (Contact Jeremy Mallov)
Music - Mary Buckalew (Contact Mary Buckalew)
Physical Education - JT Crook (Contact JT Crook)
Find Your Voice - Tabatha McKenna (Contact Tabatha McKenna)
Communications - Jamie Strebing (Contact Jamie Strebing)


Amanda Angle (Contact Amanda Angle)
Lori Dalesandro (Contact Lori Dalesandro)
Amy Hardin (Contact Amy Hardin)
Kathryn Hodson (Contact Kathryn Hodson)
Shari Hawes (Contact Shari Hawes)
Ashley McKay (Contact Ashley McKay)


Christie Bennett (Contact Christie Bennett)
Jason Locke (Contact Jason Locke)
Susan Pennal (Contact Susan Pennal)
Dawn Swanson (Contact Dawn Swanson)
Angela Vittori (Contact Angela Vittori)


Megan Behny (Contact Megan Behny)
Sara Faust (Contact Sara Faust)
Nicole Flandermeyer (Contact Nicole Flandermeyer)
Laurie Kimmel (Contact Laurie Kimmel)
Kelly Roberts (Contact Kelly Roberts)
Debbie Thie (Contact Debbie Thie)


Diane Detty (Contact Diane Detty)
Courtney Graham (Contact Courtney Graham)
Margaret Manuzzi (Contact Margaret Manuzzi)
Melissa Richmond (Contact Melissa Richmond)


Gavin Alexander (Contact Gavin Alexander)
Dawn Colbert (Contact Dawn Colbert)
Lindsay Deeg (Contact Lindsay Deeg)
Pam Marshall (Contact Pam Marshall)
Camille Wallace (Contact Camille Wallace)
Abigail Weber (Contact Abigail Weber)


Jennifer Sheehan (Contact Jennifer Sheehan)
Lorna Curtis (Contact Lorna Curtis )
Marti Dudley (Contact Marti Dudley)
Laurie Sellers (Contact Laurie Sellers)
Jenna Van Dyke (Contact Jenna Van Dyke)

School Resource Staff

Resource - Michelle Clouse (Contact Michelle Clouse)
Resource - Leah Smith (Contact Leah Smith)
Resource - Bethany Newton (Contact Bethany Newton)
Lifeskills - Ann Marie Looper (Contact Ann Marie Looper)
Lifeskills - Tamara Shepherd (Contact Tamara Shepherd)
Speech - Kathryn Liddell (Contact Kathryn Liddell)
English as a New Language - Stacey Young (Contact Stacey Young)
Student Support Specialist - David Broadus (Contact David Broadus)
School Psychologist - Sara Miller (Contact Sara Miller)
Family Liaison - Tracy Beer (Contact Tracy Beer)
Jaime Howell (Contact Jaime Howell)