Amy Beverland Elementary

School of Communication (East Side)
Find Your Voice in Today's World

Phone: (317) 964-4000 | Attendance: (317) 964-4005

Parent Resources



Please remember to call the attendance line at 964-4005 by 8:30AM each day that your student is absent. Homework requests must also be made by 8:30AM.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Parent Involvement

Every parent at Amy Beverland is automatically a member of our Amy Beverland Family Association (ABFA). Parent volunteers play an important part in our school environment. We welcome visiting parents and encourage them to stay for lunch.

The ABE Dad's Club meets once each month to discuss upcoming events that support our school.  They sponsor several events each year. 

Visitation of Classes  

After the first two weeks of school, we welcome your visit to your child's classroom. Pre-arranged classroom visits by parents are encouraged and welcomed.

We also welcome parents to come and eat lunch with their student in the All Star Cafe. Parents may either eat hot lunch from the cafeteria or bring a sack lunch from home. Please do not bring in food from a restaurant for you and your child.

All visitors should sign in at the office and wear a guest or volunteer badge.

For your child's safety and education, we cannot allow parents to just walk into the classroom unexpectedly. Thank you for your support in providing a safe environment for our children.