Alerts: Apr 2, 2020
UPDATE: At the direction of Governor Holcomb, MSD of Lawrence Township had cancelled onsite classes until May 1, 2020 as a result of COVID-19. Offsite eLearning will take place. There will be no preschool programming or child care available. All extra curriculuar activities will be canceled until May 1, 2020. LECC will be closed to the public. Click here to see the Coronavirus Communication announcement below for the most current information.


Amy Beverland Elementary School, named for a teacher and designed by educators and parents, opened its doors in the fall of 1989. Since its opening, the school has become a community center for the families of the children who attend and for the patrons of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Amy Beverland Elementary School of Communications offers a rigorous curriculum that is uniquely based on units of study in the area of communications. From first grade through sixth grade our students participate in multimedia as well as multimodal experiences in learning.

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Enrollment Data

Student Enrollment for 2019-20: 763 students in first through sixth grades.

Ethnic Breakdown

White 52%
Black 30%
Hispanic 7%
Multi-Racial 9%
Asian 2%